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First things first, you start by selecting a monthly subscription plan that fits what you'd like to build and share your vision and goals for the product. We work closely with you early on to define blueprints and the quickest path to launching a beta version (or version 1.0). See subscription options.

The World's Most Elite

Developers On Your Team, On-Demand

Koders are like the Navy SEALs of software and are assigned to work on your product based on the skills needed. They consist of everyone from iOS prodigies working full-time to top developers that work for Google, Facebook and other top companies during the day.

Silicon Valley and LA-based

Product Managers and Innovators

From Apple to Snapchat, there's something magical in the air in California. Koder brings a Product Manager to your team to ensure an amazing product is built the first time.

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Designers and Usability Experts

Killer User Interfaces

Design-focused Koders take your idea from the back of a napkin and turn it into concrete wireframes and stunning visual design blueprints that show what the finished product will look like.

Engineering Quality Is Crucial

CTOs On Every Project

A Koder CTO is assigned to oversee your product and sets the technical direction, defines development tasks and selects the most appropriate Koders for the given task. They also perform code reviews on a regular basis to ensure the code meets Silicon Valley standards and best practices.

Squash Bugs

Quality Testing Delivered

Test-focused Koders ensure every feature of your product is tested using real devices during the development cycle to try and identify bugs before your users do.

Real Koders Show and Tell

Bi-Weekly Demos

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing incremental progress from your team. Our bi-weekly demos give you a glimpse of the progress made by your Koder team and provide an opportunity for feedback or changes to be introduced.

Spend As You Go

Save Dough With Subscriptions Yo

Our subscription service is first of its kind and allows you to get started with your MVP without making hefty commitments or signing long-term contracts. Just pick a base subscription to get started, we'll then give you options to accelerate development based on your goals.

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From private Git repositories to product management and collaboration, the Koder platform includes the right tools needed to collaborate with your Koder team and build your next idea, fast.