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"Koder brings outdoor HoloLens Experience"

"Their HoloLens app will blow your mind"

"Some rather enterprising developers"

"[Their work] is really cool...could improve augmented reality..."

"Their results are dangerously awesome."

"The result looks absolutely fabulous."

"Koder helps build startups"

"Koder builds popular app."

"Their app was the most fun I've had all week."

"A Latin-X startup to get excited about in 2017."

"Watch this developer build an app in 3 minutes."

"Koder has made promising prototypes."

"Phenomenal to see reality applications."

"New ways to send self-destructing messages."

"Useful iMessage App from Koder."

"Most robust tracking technology."

"Koder builds iMessage App."

"Damn Daniel App you need to try."

"Koder + HoloLens = Amazing!"

"Koder creates cool projects."

"Top job board for developers."

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