New apps for work are gaining traction and growing quickly among employees, which has not been the norm for many established businesses.

Koder is Solving Problems

Developers and entrepreneurs want to build products that people use every day, but the path to massive adoption in the workplace has been riddled with complexities and concerns over privacy and security. Those challenges have been largely resolved or overcome by a new class of apps and a cloud-based infrastructure that adheres to privacy and security compliance. Cloud is getting a level of comfort it never had before. We have all the talent you need to build education products that are recognized for their simplicity, ease of use, speed and overall look and feel.

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"We're constantly seeking positive ROI through partnerships and by leveraging the skill set of others. Working with Koder allowed us to transform a stagnant to-do item to a fully functional platform."

Noramay Cadena
Managing Director, Make In LA (Hardware Accelerator)

"Teaming up with Koder has been one of the best decisions; not only from a financial standpoint, but also because of the consistent results they've delivered. I highly recommend Koder who I consider part of the BRAVO family!"

Maria Rodriguez
CEO of BRAVO, TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield SF (2015)

"Working with Koder has been an amazing experience thus far. Professional team that gets it done. I look forward to working on several more projects, and referring Koder to all my marketing agency clients."

Justin Wu
Founder of Growth.ly / Startup Advisor

"I'm thankful one of our investors made an intro to Koder. As a former software developer, it was easy to see the quality of work the Koder team produces. Our platform is robust and very scalable, all while keeping cost down. I recommend Koder to any company looking to hire developers."

Ron Rojany
CEO of Round

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